About Safety

ART PDX takes the safety of all our adventurers seriously. All staff are CPR/First AID certified and have passed a thorough background checks qualifying them to work with youth and adults. We are very selective in our hiring process, choosing capable individuals with profound experience.

We appreciate when you contact us to learn more about our safety policies.

What is the average experience of your lead guides?

We background check all of our teachers. Our average instructor must have two or more years of experience in education. Plus, this experience has to be relevant (for duties very similar to what they will be responsible for at ART PDX).


Risk management and good safety policies must be based on well trained, intelligent and competent staff. They need to do more than rely on policies. They need to be a team where every individual takes it upon themselves to focus on awareness for any contingency. We require our people to be incredibly thoughtful and discerning. We ask them to treat your children's wellbeing as if they were their own.

Hopefully we covered all the questions families and participants may have about our safety policies. If you have more, feel free to contact us. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and a conversation we are deeply passionate about.

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